AFFILIATED TO C.B.S.E., DELHI (Affiliation No, 1730851 )

From the Desk of the CEO & Director


Dear Parents and Children,

The vision of Dream International School is to help children acquire knowledge and experience, to empower them to think independently, form opinions and to become self-reliant.

Our objective is not to fill them with so much information that they sink like lead but to arouse in them the desire to learn, to touch their mind so that they soar.
We firmly believe that learning must be a joyous experience and every attempt is made towards this goal.

The curriculum provides a blend of challenge, and creativity with ample scope for individuality and imagination. A strong value system is woven into the fabric of daily life.
A meaningful equilibrium between Academics, Sports and Co-curriculars is maintained in order to bring forth confident, balanced, well groomed and enlightened citizens.

Jabar Singh Rathore

  Message of the Principal 

It is well-known fact that education today is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and remains there, undigested, all your life. we must have life building ,man making ,character building ,assimilating fine ideas and making them your life and character.

  The entire nature of schooling today has undergone a fundamental transformation. We have given a special attention to the fact in the pursuit of excellence. You know that the test of fire makes fine steel.

  We insist our students to have sublime faith in themselves so that they may always have sublime faith in mankind. 

Contact Us


Sambhriya Road, kanota, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


mob no: 9667233053

Email: dreamkanota@gmail.com



We are dedicated to academic excellence and to the development of self confident individuals of good character who will be to take their academic and personal growth to the top universities of the world.

Our unique approach to preparing a child begins with the fundamentals of learning. Our school recognises some students learn best by reading; some, through actual experience; some, by pursuing deep interest. At Dream international many path exists in partnership, and students are guided and encouraged to find paths that are most effective for them.

In all its program, it seeks to discover and nurture the special gifts each student possesses; to deepen each student's understanding of the complexities of the world; and to inspire each to his or her full potential. With a clear recognition of the needs and the capabilities of students of differing ages and experiences, the school implements its philosophy:

    •    By gradually guiding a student from dependent to independent learning;

    •    By stressing high academic standards through a strong commitment to the process of learning;

    •    By creating an environment for learning which is stimulating, innovative, tolerant, enjoyable and which encourages intellectual inquiry and curiosity;

    •    By stressing the fundamental value of integrity and trust. Athletic and extracurricular activities combine with academic life to provide opportunities for personal growth, and prepares students to take their place as global citizens.

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